December 2019: Due to a cancelled order we have a military grey Explorer DIVE 650 in build which is available for purchase. It can be specified with single or twin outboards.

We also have a used Explorer SPORTS 560 and a used Explorer 550 available for sale.

September 2019: The season is nearly over, se we have demonstrators for sale - see our SALE ITEMS page.

August 2019: We have one last 225 tender available from this seasons build batch, which has a dark blue deck and a grey blue hull. Available at the discount price of £595 plus options.

May 2019: The latest DIVE 650 is ready for fitment of engines and console etc, as required.

APRIL 2019: ....:....The DIVE 650 hull is having the new tubes fitted. It is to be powered by twin ETEC 115 hp outboards.

March 2019: The season is nearly here so we are preparing boats for the summer ahead.

November 2018: The DIVE mould is being prepared for a series of twin engined DIVE RIBs from 7.00 to 8.00 metres.

October 2018 : The season is nearly over and so the boats are being put away. If you are looking for a used or new RIB, then CONTACT US NOW on 07974 959 777

September 2018: The reduced prices on Explorer 225 tenders have been re-introduced for a limited number of boats ordered over the winter.

May 2018 : The Spring Promotion for reduced price Explorer 225 tenders is now closed.

March 2018: For a limited time we have reduced the basic price of the Explorer 225 tender to £595

February 2018: After all the really cold snowy weather, we are preparing our demostrators for launch. We are also refurbishing a 1995 boat with the fitment of a new Evinrude ETEC 115 High Output engine.

September 2017: The season is coming to a close, so we are making the current demonstrators available for sale. Hence if you are looking for a SPORTS 490 or a SPORTS 560, please conract us.

June 2017: The SPORTS 625 is launched for its owner at Loch Lomond. Initial tests with the Evinrude G2 - 200 HO gave 57 mph. Speeds over 60 mph are expected when the new RX4 prop is fitted

May 2017: The new SPORTS 625 is completed and awaiting delivery to Scotland

January 2017: Hull construction is progressing well for the SPORTS 625 for a customer in Scotland.

November 2016: We are finalaising the colour schemes for a new custom SPORTS 625 for a customer in Scotland. This will be fitted with a new Gen 2 Evinrude 200hp.

October 2016 The big SPORTS 650 has been sold to a customer for use in south west Ireland. A new DIVE specification 650 RIB is under construction .

September 2016: Design and development work is continuing on the new Sea Shepherd range of boats.

August 2016: Explorer Marine has demonstrators for sale ready to build new boats for next season. Hence we can offer good prices on the used boats, with new or used engines. See the SALE ITEMS page under the SERVICES button.




Explorer Marine was established in 1989 to manufacture custom power boats for the commercial, rescue, dive and leisure markets. We manufacture and retail five distinct ranges of Rigid Inflatable Boats - RIBs - to suit the needs of a wide range of users. The Explorer ranges are the Explorer SPORTS for general leisure use, Explorer DIVE for divers and charter boat operators, Explorer JETRIB when a petrol or diesel waterjet is required. Then there is the WORKBOAT range for specialised harbour duties and commercial operations, and the Explorer XTREME for those wishing to achieve the maximum speeds in offshore conditions, and / or for extreme wakeboarding where the large wake is required.

Our design principles are not necessarily to follow the industry trends, but to develop innovative features, some individually developed for one customer, which provide valuable customer benefits. Explorer boats thus provide amazing stability, dynamically or at rest, yet complete the task for which they were designed, even at speeds up to 60 mph.

The Explorer Marine offices are at Cullompton in Devon and the main manufacturing workshops are near Rock in Cornwall. The office there overlooks the North Cornwall coast, which allows us to view the sea conditions, giving the opportunity for boat trials in the calmer Camel estuary at Rock and Padstow, or out past the Doom Bar to the more challenging Atlantic waters off the rugged North Cornwall coast.

Explorer Marine RIBs start at 4.0 metres and range in size up to the top DIVE and XTREME and WORKBOAT models at over 10 metres. All share the distinctively flared bow which reduces spray, whilst the broad beam - many models are available in an extra wide version - gives amazing stability and handling. Xtreme

BonaireWORKBOAT 800

Explorer Marine also supply GRP and polypropylene tenders and rowing boats from 2.25 to 3.0 metres.

Browse through this website using the buttons at the top of all pages, and then use the buttons on the left of each page, to learn a little about our products so that you can specify the boat of your dreams.

If you want to share in our passion for custom boat design, contact us:

By phone on +44 (0) 1392 882344 or 07974 959 777

or email us on info@explorermarine.co.uk.

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